On one hand teaching and coaching has changed dramatically, however on the other hand it hasn’t really changed that much. Recently I attended the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit.  This is a two-day conference where you get to learn from and pick the minds of the best coaches and teachers in the golf industry.

Typically, we get to hear about all the new wonderful technology that has emerged over the last 24 months and how we should be using it on our teaching and coaching platforms.  This is how the industry has changed.  We have so much technology that twenty years ago, ten years ago for that matter we didn’t have access to.  In many ways it has enhanced and bettered the golf industry and the ability to help our students and members.  It hasn’t been without some repercussions.

This year there was a shift in the presentations we sat through, where we heard from more presenters from outside the golf industry than ever.  Some of these are highlighted in the video series we have coming out over the next month and a half on YouTube.  They all talked about how technology has pulled us away from realizing there is an actual person standing in front of us, and before anything else, a connection and relationship with that person matters more than the numbers or data given by technology.

With all that being said, I wanted to share with you 6 quick lessons I walked away with.  These quotes spoke volumes to me.

  1. Optimism is a competitive advantage – Jon Gordon
  2. Be passionate about them – Tony Dovolani (Dancing with the Stars)
  3. I want my perfect, not your perfect – Hal Sutton
  4. Analyzing my swing made me go haywire – Brad Faxon
  5. We create reasons why it’s to hard, we create our own distractions – Stephen Norris
  6. Human problems need human solutions, not technology – James Sieckmann

There is more to come.  Stay connected to our newsletter, social media and our new YouTube channel for upcoming content.  Let’s see the people in front of us and have a great 2019.