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Most of us have heard there have been changes to the rules of golf by the USGA.  In total there are close to 30 rules changes however some are more crucial for you to know than others.  In this article we will cover nine of those changes and how they affect your leagues and recreation […]

6 Quick Lessons

On one hand teaching and coaching has changed dramatically, however on the other hand it hasn’t really changed that much. Recently I attended the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit.  This is a two-day conference where you get to learn from and pick the minds of the best coaches and teachers in the golf industry. Typically, […]

Which Ball for You?

Which Ball Should You Play? Every 2 years I see this frenzy of marketing and advertising trying to convince us which one is best.  All the new fancy slogans, packaging, colors, pictures, & stats flood the market.  We hear, more speed, thinner cover, better control, more layers, more colors, easier to see, new dimple pattern […]

New YouTube Channel

Landsmeer has added another social media source to keep you guys in the loop on all the exciting things currently happening and what is still to come! We now have a YouTube channel! Subscribe by following the link below! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmCvtdrcD7r6t5i5r8CykbQ   Our first video is already posted! Jonathan gave a brief summary of his time […]

Landsmeer Classic Results

Place Player First 18 Second 9  Payout 1 Colton Kooima 66 35  $    300 2 Brad Van Roekel 69 33  $    250 3 Troy Arends 75 33  $    200 T4 Neil Malenke 71 38  $    135 T4 Bob Brummel 71 38  $    135 T4 Al Pottebaum 75 33  $    135 7 Tim Mars 72 38 […]

Cart Path Update : Tuesday

Again, the cloudy cool weather yesterday with a shot of rain didn’t help things dry out causing the construction company to be delayed again on continuing the path project.  Better weather today and tomorrow should allow the project to be completed. So here we go… Here is what to expect for the rest of the week. […]

Sunday Cart Path Update

First HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the hard working, very special, very loved and appreciated mothers! As for the course, it seems we can’t catch a break from Mother nature for our cart path project.  Yesterday the weather didn’t do much to help things dry out and with the most recent rain isn’t doing much […]

Weekend Cart Path Update

First we, the board and staff would like to thank you all for your understanding with the constant changes in the course availability.  With the timing of the work crew showing up and the rain we have been scrambling to give you all the best options we can while still protecting the huge investment being […]