Again, the cloudy cool weather yesterday with a shot of rain didn’t help things dry out causing the construction company to be delayed again on continuing the path project.  Better weather today and tomorrow should allow the project to be completed. So here we go…

Here is what to expect for the rest of the week.

Walkers will be able to play all 18 today.
Wednesday the holes were concrete is being poured will be closed.
Carts will not be available until Friday.

This is 2 fold please read. The weather is partly to blame for this because things haven’t dried out much, especially around the project areas.  The bigger reason we are sticking with this decision until the project is done is because we have had several incidents the last few days with guests/members not adhering to the policy to stay off areas of the course.  This had included guests/members intentionally ignoring and moving ropes/signs/barriers to access parts of the course they were instructed to stay off of.  It is unfortunate but true, the actions of a few ruin it for everyone. 

Range and practice areas will be open until 6:00 p.m. Tuesday to be clean picked so it can be mowed.  Range will re-open Wednesday morning around 10:00

As of now the construction crew will continue work and plan of finishing up everything Wednesday.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Jonathan or Pat.