Landsmeer Classic 2019 Final


Most of us have heard there have been changes to the rules of golf by the USGA.  In total there are close to 30 rules changes however some are more crucial for you to know than others.  In this article we will cover nine of those changes and how they affect your leagues and recreation play.

Rule 17 no states, There are no longer any special restrictions when a ball is in a “penalty area” (the expanded designation for the area that includes what were previously called water hazards). A player is allowed to touch or move loose impediments and touch the ground with hand or club (such as grounding the club right behind the ball) for any reason, subject only to the prohibition on improving conditions for the stroke (see Rule 8.1a).

Under Rules 12.2a and 12.2b, the player is allowed to touch or move loose impediments in a bunker and is generally allowed to touch the sand with a hand or club; but a limited prohibition continues so that the player must not: Deliberately touch the sand in a bunker with a hand, club, or rake or other object to test the conditions of the sand to learn information for the stroke, or touch the sand in a bunker with a club in making a practice swing, in grounding the club right in front of or behind the ball, or in making the back swing for a stroke.

Under Rule 13.2a there is no longer a penalty if a ball played from the putting green hits a flagstick left in the hole.  Players are not required to putt with the flagstick in the hole; rather, they continue to have the choice to have it removed (which includes having someone attend the flagstick and remove it after the ball is played).

Players continue to drop a ball when taking relief, but the dropping procedure is changed in several ways as detailed in Rule 14.3.  How a ball may be dropped is simplified, the only requirement is that the ball be let go from knee height so that it falls through the air and does not touch any part of the player’s body or equipment before it hits the ground.

Under Rule 18.2, the time for a ball search (before the ball becomes lost) has been reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

Under Rule 13.1d, there is no longer a penalty if a player (or opponent) accidentally causes the player’s ball to move on the putting green.  Replace it and play it from its original position.

Under Rule 7.4 if a player accidentally moves his or her ball while searching for it: The player gets no penalty for causing it to move, and the ball is always replaced.  If the exact spot is not known, the player will replace the ball on the estimated original spot.  Including on, under or against any attached natural or man-made objects which the ball had been at rest under or against.

Rule 13.1c(2) allows repair of almost any damage on the green;  Damage on the putting green is defined to include all types of damage such as ball-marks, shoe damage, indentions from a club or flagstick, animal damage, etc.  Exceptions are aeration holes, natural surface imperfections or natural wear of the hole.

In stroke play, a player’s score for each hole is capped at a maximum set by the committee, which may be fixed, such as 6, 8, 10, etc.  Or related to par such as 2x par, triple bogey, or related to a players handicap such as net double bogey.  A player who does not complete a hole, (often referred to informally as “picking up” is NOT disqualified, but simply gets the maximum score for the hole.


There are a lot more rules changes than this.  For a detailed list including video demonstrations you can look at the USGA website, or clicking this link; USGA RULES CHANGES.

Please stay up to date on these changes so it does not impact your season.  We will also be uploading a condensed video on YouTube for this post as well.

On one hand teaching and coaching has changed dramatically, however on the other hand it hasn’t really changed that much. Recently I attended the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit.  This is a two-day conference where you get to learn from and pick the minds of the best coaches and teachers in the golf industry.

Typically, we get to hear about all the new wonderful technology that has emerged over the last 24 months and how we should be using it on our teaching and coaching platforms.  This is how the industry has changed.  We have so much technology that twenty years ago, ten years ago for that matter we didn’t have access to.  In many ways it has enhanced and bettered the golf industry and the ability to help our students and members.  It hasn’t been without some repercussions.

This year there was a shift in the presentations we sat through, where we heard from more presenters from outside the golf industry than ever.  Some of these are highlighted in the video series we have coming out over the next month and a half on YouTube.  They all talked about how technology has pulled us away from realizing there is an actual person standing in front of us, and before anything else, a connection and relationship with that person matters more than the numbers or data given by technology.

With all that being said, I wanted to share with you 6 quick lessons I walked away with.  These quotes spoke volumes to me.

  1. Optimism is a competitive advantage – Jon Gordon
  2. Be passionate about them – Tony Dovolani (Dancing with the Stars)
  3. I want my perfect, not your perfect – Hal Sutton
  4. Analyzing my swing made me go haywire – Brad Faxon
  5. We create reasons why it’s to hard, we create our own distractions – Stephen Norris
  6. Human problems need human solutions, not technology – James Sieckmann

There is more to come.  Stay connected to our newsletter, social media and our new YouTube channel for upcoming content.  Let’s see the people in front of us and have a great 2019.

Which Ball Should You Play?

Every 2 years I see this frenzy of marketing and advertising trying to convince us which one is best.  All the new fancy slogans, packaging, colors, pictures, & stats flood the market.  We hear, more speed, thinner cover, better control, more layers, more colors, easier to see, new dimple pattern and the list goes on. So what’s the big deal?  What’s the truth?

Let’s start with a mind exploding comment.  Everything is not what is seems!  For years the most dominate player in this generation played a Nike ball made by Bridgestone.  We hear things like Phil Mickelson plays a mid level golf ball (Chrome Soft) that cost half the price of most tour quality golf balls.  The truth is, He does play a “Chrome Soft” golf ball, but it’s not the one you can buy.  In the same way the vast majority of the tour players have “Prototype” stamped on their clubs, the golf balls they play are not always the ones you have access to.  So my advice to you, ignore what they play on T.V.  Ignore the clever marketing and let us talk about what the real differences are.

You may be asking why I would talk about this.  The truth is, you should be informed and my job is to not sell you the most expensive items I can.  It is to sell you the items best for you and the items you want by helping you make informed decisions.  If you want to play the #1 ball in golf, we have that.  If you want to play trendy, we have that.  If you want and can afford to buy a “Tour Quality” ball, we have that.  If you want an affordable ball (And I know affordable is relative to who you are) we have that.  Let’s answer a few questions to see where you land.


  1. Do you want a Tour Ball? This is a ball with a Urethane cover.  Will have more spin around the greens & iron shots.  By the way, if you never clean your clubs between shots, the advantage of this ball won’t matter. This ball, usually has a higher compression which means you need a faster swing to maximize distance. Also, with very few exceptions will be the most expensive.
    Balls in this group include Titleist ProV, TaylorMade TP5, Bridgestone B, Srixon Z Star


  1. Maybe you want a Urethane cover but not the Price tag. There are options there as well.  These won’t spin as much around the green but will still give you better performance than a Surlyn, Ionomer, or other proprietary material cover which we will cover next.  Balls in this category are Callaway Chrome Soft, TaylorMade Project A.


  1. Maybe you don’t want or need the added spin because it causes your slice to go farther offline and you want more forgiveness in your full swing over a little extra spin around the greens. In this category you are looking for a ball that is a little better than a range ball but economical when it comes to price.  Stay away from the Urethane. Usually a lower compression ball for slower swing speeds and firmer covers to help reduce side spin.  Mid to high handicappers usually land in this category.  Balls here are the Bridgestone “e” family, Callaway Superhot, Titleist Tour Soft, TaylorMade Project S.


  1. The last category, all you’re looking for is a ball to hit. You don’t really care about performance factors and only care about how many balls you can get for the cheapest price.  Balls in this category are all the “distance” balls, Pinnacles, Maxfli Noodles, Superhot, Top Flight ect.


I’m not a tour player, but I have played all the “Tour Caliber” balls I listed. I have shot the same scores, good and bad, with them all. So you have to decide what type of ball you want/can afford.  Then you have to decide which one is going to give you the most confidence.  If you have bought in to the marketing and that matters to you, then you won’t be happy with anything else.  Maybe a ball carries and err of prestige you have bought into and you need to belong to that group, then play that ball.  There really isn’t a right or wrong when you are in the right category.  Remember, the ball really doesn’t matter unless you trust your swing.  That is another story for another time and we will get there but until then remember.  Don’t buy in to the marketing.  If you want a ball, buy it, play it.  If you are confused about what ball is right for you, let’s talk about it and remember the truths, not the marketing when we make a decision.

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Our first video is already posted! Jonathan gave a brief summary of his time at the PGA Show and what he is looking forward to bringing back to Landsmeer! Here is a direct link to that video.

Place Player First 18 Second 9  Payout
1 Colton Kooima 66 35  $    300
2 Brad Van Roekel 69 33  $    250
3 Troy Arends 75 33  $    200
T4 Neil Malenke 71 38  $    135
T4 Bob Brummel 71 38  $    135
T4 Al Pottebaum 75 33  $    135
7 Tim Mars 72 38  $    110
8 TJ Korver 75 36  $    100
T9 Chad Reitsma 76 37  $      80
T9 Freddy Bullock 76 37  $      80

These are the top ten from the Landsmeer Classic. Congratulations to Colton Kooima on a final score of -5.

Thank you to all of the participants today!

Again, the cloudy cool weather yesterday with a shot of rain didn’t help things dry out causing the construction company to be delayed again on continuing the path project.  Better weather today and tomorrow should allow the project to be completed. So here we go…

Here is what to expect for the rest of the week.

Walkers will be able to play all 18 today.
Wednesday the holes were concrete is being poured will be closed.
Carts will not be available until Friday.

This is 2 fold please read. The weather is partly to blame for this because things haven’t dried out much, especially around the project areas.  The bigger reason we are sticking with this decision until the project is done is because we have had several incidents the last few days with guests/members not adhering to the policy to stay off areas of the course.  This had included guests/members intentionally ignoring and moving ropes/signs/barriers to access parts of the course they were instructed to stay off of.  It is unfortunate but true, the actions of a few ruin it for everyone. 

Range and practice areas will be open until 6:00 p.m. Tuesday to be clean picked so it can be mowed.  Range will re-open Wednesday morning around 10:00

As of now the construction crew will continue work and plan of finishing up everything Wednesday.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Jonathan or Pat.

First HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the hard working, very special, very loved and appreciated mothers!

As for the course, it seems we can’t catch a break from Mother nature for our cart path project.  Yesterday the weather didn’t do much to help things dry out and with the most recent rain isn’t doing much good for the situation.

Here is what to expect for Sunday

Walkers will be able to play all 18.
Carts will not be available.
Range and practice areas will be open.

As of now the construction crew will continue work on Monday and finish the project on Tuesday.  Again, this is the current plan if we get no more rain.  We will continue to keep you updated.

Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience!

First we, the board and staff would like to thank you all for your understanding with the constant changes in the course availability.  With the timing of the work crew showing up and the rain we have been scrambling to give you all the best options we can while still protecting the huge investment being put into the course.

As of now this is what you can expect for this weekend..

Walkers will be able to play all 18.
Carts will be limited to select holes.  This may change depending on weather.
Range and Practice areas will remain open.

As of now the construction crew will continue work on Monday and finish the project on Tuesday.  Again, this is the current plan if we get no more rain.  We will continue to keep you updated.

Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience!