Hole 1

This opening par 5 allows you to ease into your round with a good scoring opportunity.  Avoid the big miss and you could have a good shot at birdie.

Hole 2

Finding a par at the second is no easy task.  This medium length par 3 has water surrounding the green on three sides and a green that slopes generously from back to front.  Aim at the front right portion of the green to be safe and avoid a big number.

Hole 3

This short par four can be played a number of ways.  The most conventional is a layup shot to avoid the risk of the hazard that runs up the entire left side of the hole.  The second shot requires a precise wedge shot but should lead to a birdie putt if handled well.

Hole 4

A short iron to this par 3 with a large green.  Avoid a lazy tee shot and par should be an easy score.

Hole 5

Simply said the risk isn’t worth the reward.  A creek splits the fairway, going left leaves a little shorter wedge but the best approach is a tee shot hit at the 150 marker in the middle of the right fairway.

Hole 6

Another short par 4 you could be aggressive on.  The green slopes front to back so be wary of the front pin location.  If you get your tee shot to close to the green you won’t be able to keep the ball near the hole.

Hole 7

A downhill par 3 with a creek protecting short and out of bounds protecting left.  With a south wind this hole can play difficult. Par is a good score here.

Hole 8

The number 1 handicap hole is a straight forward hole.  There is more room left off the tee than you can see so don’t hug the trees on the right. It plays into a prevailing south wind so be prepared to club up.

Hole 9

A great opportunity to end the front 9 with a great look at birdie.  This par 5 is typically down wind so most can reach it in 2.  Best advice here is don’t miss the green long or right.