In keeping with mandates issued for social distancing and social gatherings we have modified our league formats as well as adding an extra league.
To sign up call the Pro Shop 712.737.3429 or direct message the page.
At a minimum the first 4 weeks of league will be tee time starts with 10-12 minute intervals starting at 5:00.
Each league will be limited to the first 20 teams signed up with exception of Thursday (36 teams total). Every league player must have an active USGA GHIN Handicap. Your GHIN does not have to be purchased through Landsmeer. As long as you have an active GHIN number before league starts.
Leagues & Scoring
Monday Men’s 9 Hole (Tee Times start at 5:00)
Tuesday Ladies 9 Hole (Tee Times start at 5:00)
Wednesday Men’s 18 Hole (Tee Times start at 2:00)
Wednesday Men’s 9 Hole (Tee Times start at 5:00)
Thursday Men’s 9 Hole (2 divisions, max 36 teams total) (Tee Times off front and back 9. Start at 5:00)
All scoring will be done through the Golf Genius Software App. If all players in your group do not have the ability to use the App a picture of the scorecard can be sent to Jonathan or Mallory. Please do not hand in a physical card. All teams are responsible to make sure a score/scorecard is completed for each match or is completed within the App. Instructions on how to use the App will be available prior to week 1 so you can get familiar with it.
Meals & Drinks
Until the social mandate of Social & Fraternal clubs is removed, we will not have a meal option with leagues. This is subject to change weekly and we will update everyone if/when this changes.
Drinks can be ordered. In an attempt to eliminate crowd while checking in we will have a beverage station setup on hole 1 to fill up your coolers as you tee off as well as a beverage cart running throughout league times.
Schedule and Cost
Leagues will start the week of May 25th and end the week of August 10th.
Men’s Leagues are $35 per person per league
Women’s League is $40 per person (includes weekly prize pot)
USGA Handicap (Required, 1 per person) – $30.00
If you and your opponent need to play your match earlier and there is a tee time available you can do so. As long as your match is completed by the end of the day of your league.

You can access your league portal by clicking on the links below.

Ladies League Portal

Wednesday 18 Hole League Portal

Wednesday 9 Hole League

Thursday League Portal

League Fees

  • Ladies League Fee
  • Men’s League Fee
  • USGA Handicap Fee
    USGA Handicap Fee is now required for ALL leagues starting in the 2020 season.